Saturday, December 24, 2005

Michael: Lord of Misrule

Ancient tradition would have us choose from among us this day a Lord of Misrule, who would serve as a temporary king. His whim would be law, but at the end of this season of merriment, his throat would be slit as a sacrifice to God. Generally, such a king would rule either for the 20 days of Saturnalia, or for the 12 days of Christmas. I think the latter would be a more modern practice, with our Lord of Misrule to report to the gibbet on January 6th - the 12th day of Christmas.

Since we already have a Lord of Misrule, supposedly selected by the people, and already appointed King by his own extra-legal actions and by his minions' legal briefs, we can forego the selection. Our Lord of Misrule, our King of the Idiots, is already ensconced on his throne of folly. Now, let's see if he'll report for the inevitable end of the venerable end of the ceremony come January 6th. I think on the national mall before the Washington Monument (the President who could have been King, but, like Cincinatus before him, refused the 'honor') would be an appropriate location.

Have a very Merry Christmas with visions of that ceremony dancing in your head. May you get all the presents you wish for, too.


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Lee Matt said...

Hi Michael,

I love the picture of Bush in this article. If Lord of Misrule is still in our era probably his throat would be slit as a sacrifice to the people. LOL

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