Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Michael: Ronstadt and Dunbar: the Hard Work of Intimidation

I caught one of Ronstadt's Tucson City Council ads today while getting my regular innoculation against Right Wing rhetoric by listening to the fat idiot dope fiend.

Ronstadt's main pitch to the voters is that he's 'working hard', so he should be re-elected. That's the last refuge of the lousy employee. Results may vary, but damn it, he's working hard! It's the same pitch that Bush made ad nausieum in 2004. I was almost expecting Ronstadt to whine, "We're making progress, but it's hard work!" You'd think that with Bush's numbers in the toilet Ronstadt would want to distance himself, not try to ride the President's tattered coat-tails. But Ronstadt only claims to be a hard worker, not to be all that bright.

My advice to Mr. Ronstadt is to let someone else take care of all that hard work and take a well-deserved rest.

Perhaps Ms. Dunbar can join him. All her 'hard work' seems to have driven her right over the edge. She's loosed her lawyers on anyone who doesn't intend to vote for her. Well, not really... but she has decided that criticizing her politics is the legal equivalent of defamation. I'm waiting for the press to call her shrill, but perhaps shrillness is the exclusive province of socially responsible liberals.

Dunbar worked behind the scenes to kill 250K in voluntary impact fees to Title I schools in the Amphi district. Talk about constituent service. Bend over Dunbar constituents, madame Dunbar's gonna service you.

The lawyer handling Dunbar's representation on this matter ought to be ashamed to be pursuing non-colorable claims as a method of intimidation. Truth is a complete defense to defamation, and comment on affairs of public concern are outside of the protection of all laws protecting personal interest in reputation. This is a democracy still (even if Ms. Dunbar doesn't act like it). I would not be surprised if a bar complaint weren't in the wings for whatever hack lends his or her own professional repute to Dunbar's campaign of intimidation. Just one more example of how it is the Republicans who give lawyering a bad name.


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