Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Michael: Hurricane in Tucson

I can't help but see the gale force victories of Karin Uhlich and Nina Trasoff as a good sign for the upcoming 2006 election season. Certainly, the quality of the candidates and the energetic work of the Democratic volunteers have a lot to do with ultimate victory, but margins in the range of 30% do not come from well-run or energetic campaigns, they come from very pissed-off constituencies.

The dissatisfaction with the GOP's experiments in social engineering is building quickly and is raining down on the heads of even local yokels like Frodo and Dumbar. If the electorate's anger is enough to wash a middling-safe Senator like Kyl out of office, then the Senate might just change hands in 2006. Should that happen, the GOP will no longer be able to supress investigatory oversight of the many, many, many unexplored scandals hovering just of the public's radar. Two years of torrential scandals may be just the ticket for enough additional pickups to turn over the House in 2008, and maybe deliver the White House as well.

Karin and Nina are just little storms, but when joined with all the other leftward political winds blow around the country tonight they could build into a perfect political storm that will engulf the whole nation.


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