Thursday, November 10, 2005

Michael: Flake Alert

Those who watched the Daily Show tonight were treated to an appearance by Arizona's own Jeff Flake (R, AZ CD 6), and his hair, doing their best John Birch impersonation for all the world to see. The former Director of the Goldwater Institute opined that we don't need no steekin' Energy Department, nor a stupid Commerce Department (despite that pesky Commerce Clause in the Constitution), nor a dumb Department of Education. All those agencies are just pork-barrel spending in Flake's sage view.

I'm glad to see Flake going on record on these matters... should make a great campaign ad in 2006. I will acknowledge that at least Flake's voting record seems to be consistent with his anti-government views. Flake seems only to vote in favor of appropriation bills that have guns or black helicopters somewhere in them.


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