Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Michael: CD 8 Busts Wide Open

Today, Rep. Jim Kolbe let fly rumors among reliable associates that he was not going to seek a 12th term in Congress. The 63 year old openly gay Republican has been rumored to be considering teaching, among other possible opportunities.

This will, of course, set off a flurry of anouncements for the office on both the left and right as egos bottled up over the course of 20 years of Kolbe's incumbency seek expression in a run at Congress for a now open seat. The Latas and Shacter candidacies, still in their infancies, now face a major test of their viability.

Moveon is looking at the CD 8 race now as a key swing district, as will the DCCC and DNC. Moveon is collecting nominations for the open seat: make sure to nominate your favorite politician - or maybe even yourself :)

Join the excited discussion at Kos.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Latas' experience seems to be the best for this seat. ( )


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