Saturday, November 19, 2005

Michael: The Ad Hominem Party

Yesterday, on the House floor Rep. Schmidt of Ohio made remarks suggesting the Rep. Murtha was a coward for sponsoring a plan for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. She was sending 'a message' from one of her cronies that "Cowards cut and run, Marines never do." Of course, it turns out that the crony was Marine reserve Col. Danny Bubp, who in his thirty years of service in the reserves, never saw deployment outside the CONUS, and never saw battle, being a JAG officer.

Schmidt was forced to remove her comments from the Congressional record when Democrats shut down proceeding in protest of the ad hominem attack on Murtha, a decorated Vietnam veteran.

Today, it seems that the House GOP leadership are looking in to an ethics investigation against Murtha. This is an obvious bit of political payback and intimidation. The GOP continues to prove itself to be the party of the poliitics of personal destruction. Such ad hominem tactics indicate that the GOP is out of ideas and unable to defend it's policies. Instead, they simply aim their slime canons on anyone with enough back-bone to stand up to them. Congress is not longer a deliberative lawmaking body, it's a goddamn school yard ruled by bullies.


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