Friday, October 07, 2005

Michael: Rove V. Wave: The Grand Jury

West Wing producer and commentator Lawrence O'Donnell points out, the latest appearance (the third, I believe) of Karl Rove before a Grand Jury investigating the Plame Affair without any grant of immunity, is not the act of an innocent man trying to set the record straight: it's an act of pure desperation.

Rove's lawyer would never allow his client to appear before a Grand Jury that had been investigating a conspiracy Rove may have been involved it, without said lawyer by his side (because they are wisely not allowed in GJ proceedings), without an agreement for use immunity, and with a record of previous statements under oath on which to impeach him, unless he was sure a indictment was coming and he was betting on a Hail Mary pass to save the day.

So when Rove's lawyer said, "the special counsel has confirmed that he has not made any charging decisions in respect to Karl," he was speaking lawyerese for, "Fitzy told me that Karl is certain to be indicted, but he hasn't printed out the indictment for the Grand Jury foreman to sign, yet."

So Luskin promptly arranged for King Karl to put the moves on the Grand Jurors personally, to see if he can yet keep his keister off the bench. I'm sure his unindicted co-conspirators, W and the VP, are cheering for him to score a touchdown.


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