Sunday, October 30, 2005

Michael: Organic Smorganic

US lawmakers watered down the 'organic' label by allowing some synthetics in the growth and processing of organic labeled food via a rider on the USDA spending authorization. The rider is designed to overturn a court ruling that refused to allow the use of a number of additives to foods labeled organic.

Consumers rights groups are saying the measure were strongly lobbied by agri-business in an effort to break into the organic marketplace - the quickest growing sector of the food market - without meeting the rigorous standards required for labeling. They warn that soon 'organic' on the label might mean no more than 'home made'.

The businesses which will be hardest hit by this new law will be those small family farms and businesses, whom Republicans claim to care so much about, who have pioneered and built the organic food sector for the past 35 years. They are going to find their business model made meaningless and agi-conglomerates move in to take their marketshare with the same poisonous slop under recycled labels bearing the magic word.


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