Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Michael: Bush Family Values

Warrants for the arrest of 28 officials from Allawi's Bush-engineered Iraqi Administration, including the former Defense minister, have been issued over the theft of over $1 billion of government funds. The Iraqi's method of plundering the state is refreshingly direct in comparison to Bush's own Executive, but the fundamental similarities of their thorough-going criminality will become ever more apparent as the warrants issue for top American officials over the coming weeks and months.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Allawi's transitional government was brought to fruition by the Bush Executive. The rot now revealed at the core of that fruit is now plain for all to see. It won't be long before Bush will have to begin lopping the limbs off his apple tree in the vain hope of saving the trunk (and tusks... to mix a metaphor) from the rot he allowed to settle into the heartwood of his Presidency. Safavian is just the first branch to fall; many more will follow as the greed, venality, and even treason, that have always lurked below the bark, burst out into ulcerous cankers for all the world to see.


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