Monday, October 24, 2005

Michael: Bluing America

Blue states are where the majority of voters disapprove of Bush's handling of the Presidency. Purple are at 50/50, and Red states still cling to a narrow net approval of the Worst President Ever.

Makes for a very different looking map than the one the "permanent majority" idiots were drooling over in 2004, doesn't it?


At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO I think your wrong here. Impeached President Bill Clinton is the worst ever President. He is the 1st President in 40 years to lose the House & Senate during his Presidency. You loser Dems just don't get it. You have no ideas, only bombs to throw at Republicans. You have missed the targer

At 8:28 PM, Blogger shrimplate said...

President Clinton gave us 8 years of prosperity and relative peace. Under his leadership, we got out of debt.

Now under Bush, we are the greatest debtor nation that history has ever seen. And 2000 servicepeople have died in his war, the rationale for which is ever-changing.

Thousands died on 9/11 while Bush was on one of his notoriously long vacations, asleep at the wheel.

"anonymous" is a cad or a fool, perhaps both, for he does not yet seem to realize that Bush has dug a financial hole and pushed him into it, laughing all the way.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Nick Schneider said...

Its not use, "Anonymous" is one of those people who still cling to our 'fearless leader' and still belive he'll bring us greatness.

So far, he's brought us several truckloads of lies. Sigh, I just wish the people in my state would understand that sometimes. (I live in Nebraska)

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you guys are on different sides of the same worthless coin. You attribute virtually everything good/bad that happened under any president, Republican or Democrat, fully to that president, merely by virtue of his having been in office when it happened.

The world is not so simple that the President of the US controls and is responsible for everything, no matter how much you might like it to be. In fact, the Leader of the Free World controls precious little of anything. (I think most conspiracy theories reflect a desperate desire to believe that someone, anyone, is in control of full denial of the fact that an awful lot of everything is under the control of absolutely no one, and never will be.)

Many factors contributed to the perceived peace and prosperity of the Clinton years. There is no way anyone can know how much influence, if any, Clinton had on any of it. Similarly, many factors contributed to the Republican congressional takeover. If you read conservative Republican Tom Coburn's book Breach of Trust, it appears that one big factor was that the Republican leadership lied to their constituency about their commitment to fulfilling the Contract with America. By your way of thinking, Clinton can be credited with their failure to keep their commitment, because Clinton was president when the Republican leadership caved and passed a bigger budget than even Clinton asked for. Clever guy, that Bill Clinton, getting Republicans to do that.

Conversely, by your way of thinking, Bush must be credited with the fact that the Republican-dominated Congress continues to feast on pork, because, after all, he's president now, so everything that happens must be all his doing.

Actually, Clinton was pretty clever, in that he kept almost none of his campaign promises, either, and instead did things which made pretty good sense. The campaign promises were made just to get the votes of the many citizens who refuse to deal with complex realities, and insist on kidding themselves that the world is a simple place, where everything can be made all nice and pretty for them, if they can just elect a "good" president who feels their pain.

PS Just to clarify, I would happily vote for Clinton again, but I have no illusions about his ability to bring peace and prosperity just 'cause he might like to be able to "make it so." He was no white knight or savior, nor even a genius, just a guy with a bit more intelligence than most of the folks our simplistic thinking population normally elects.


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