Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Michael: Army not punishing refusnik reservists

The Army is not punishing reservists who won't go to war. Despite repeated refusals to report for duty by at least 73 Individual Ready Reservists, these technically AWOL soldiers are simply getting persistent polite reminders of the need to do their duty, not visits by MPs.

In light of the unpopularity of Bush's handling of Iraq, and majority opinion saying we need to be winding down this war, not winding it up further, it comes as no real surprise that the Pentagon doesn't want a big noise about war resisters in uniform. The way this Executive is playing these desersions fits perfectly with a desire to keep the soldiers who serve, or refuse to do so, off the radar as much as possible. The last thing Bush wants is anything in the news that smacks of a draft.

Or maybe Lt. Dubya just has a personal sympathy for reservists who don't want to fulfill their obligations.


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