Saturday, September 03, 2005

PSA: Arizona To Welcome Katrina Victims

The governor's office announced the arrival of at least 1,000 evacuees to the valley on Sept 4 and 5. The Governor is asking you to help with the endeavor. There are several critical needs and here is how you can help:

1. Be part of a welcome team. Local groups have taken on the task of welcoming the evacuees to Phoenix. They are expected to begin arriving by plane as early as 6am on Sunday. What we know at this point is that they will be arriving in groups of 200-300 at a time. Volunteers working directly with the governor's office and we will be welcoming people at the airport with signs. Also, volunteers will provide them a bottle of water, and perhaps a snack. Since people will be arriving at different times and in different terminals, there will be welcome teams for each group of arrivals.

If you can help collect, transport and distribute the water, please contact Joanne Ivancich right away at 480-242-7737.

To volunteer to join one of our welcome teams call Joanne at 480-242-7737 or email her at coach4you AT aol DOT com.

2. Offer housing. There is also a critical need for housing. There are several ways to do this. Perhaps you could contact your church or some businesses and ask them how many families they can help.

Or, if you want to offer space in your home send an email to pubinq AT azdema DOT gov. Be sure to be specific about what you can do. They are expecting at least 1,000 people and the governor's office would like to have something set for at least 500 people before they arrive.

3. Be a volunteer. If you have any services you can volunteer, go to and send an email specifying the service you can offer.

4. Contribute urgently needed items. There will be a truck leaving for the Gulf next week. Visit for a list of needed items and collection locations.

This is our chance to personally do our part to ease the suffering of those in need, not just throw money at the problem (of course, money is an excellent thing to throw).


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous dolphinmaiden said...

Thank you Michael for all the info. I've been searching for two days for specifics! I was planning to "throw" some money anyway...but I'd like to "throw" some LOVE! I hope others remember...this could be them or someone THEY love who needs help. In response to being told..."you don't know what you're getting"...I responded..."isn't that called faith?"


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