Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Michael: Sam Coppersmith Hammers Kyl on Dynasty Tax

Oy gevald! Sam kicks the dreck out of Kyl's argument to repeal the Dynasty Tax. Kyl's cokamammie reasons for handing the people with all the gelt such a metzyea make for quite a megila, but Sam points out that the result will clearly be to force the federal government to be funded from the pushke.

We need to repeal the dynasty tax like I need a loch in kop. The very idea is a shande. We all know that Kyl is just shtuping the 99% of us who haven't the good fortune to ever pay the dynasty tax. If only I had the privilege and good fortune to pay the dynasty tax, I would say, "a sheynem dank America!" But the ultra-rich, they don't want to give up their tsatskes. Kyl can stick his schpeel right up his tuchus.


At 6:07 AM, Blogger shrimplate said...

"Dynasty" tax. I like that.

How many families in Arizona would benefit from the permanent repeal of this tax? Maybe about 50?

It doesn't hurt to tax the rich. If they do not like it they can move to a tax-haven. Iraq comes to mind.


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