Friday, September 09, 2005

Michael: The Reconquista Begins!

The Mexican Army invaded American territory late Tuesday night. This confirms everything that FAIR, Chris Simcox, and the border volunteers have been warning us about! Run for the hills! The forcible conversions to Catholicism will soon begin.

Ok. Not really. The Mexicans are aiding with relief efforts in Texas. It is the first time that the Mexican Army has operated on U.S. (and by that I mean formerly Mexican) soil since 1846. Since our army doesn't do crap for Mexico except burn their fields of pot, I guess we ought to feel grateful if the Mexican army doesn't blow up our beer factories and burn our hop, barley, and wheat fields while they're here.

The Mexican forces bring with them a moble water decontamination unit and 15 trailers full of bottled water, so surprisingly where ever the Mexican army goes, at least you can drink the water.


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