Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Michael: McCain May Fold on Dynasty Tax

The douchbag traitor Robert Novak writes that Senator John McCain of Arizona is prepared to take a dive on the Dynasty Tax repeal cloture vote. Until now Democrats and rational Republicans (yes, it IS increasingly oxymoronic, I know... ) have stood firm in their opposition to giving the wealthiest 0.1% a further tax break of many billions of dollars so that their heirs can bathe in Kristal with Paris Hilton and throw away the Ferrari when the ashtrays get full.

This offends the Republican base greatly. So much so, that McCain appears to have decided, due to a coordinated campaign to lobby his $1,000+ donors, that he cannot hope to capture the plutocrat vote needed in the Republican primary until he allows his party to plunder the national treasury by repealing our most progressive and socially responsible tax.

McCain said, "I follow the course of a great Republican, Teddy Roosevelt, who talked about the malefactors of great wealth and gave us the estate tax. I oppose the rich passing on fortunes.'' Yet he has decided to cast a decisive vote to allow the Dynasty Tax to be repealed. One has to wonder if he will pander to the (very small and well-dressed) mob of self-involved, self-aggrandizing, irresponsible, greedy artistocrat-wannabees to gain the Republican nomination by actually voting for the Dynasty Tax's repeal? Or will he vote against it after voting for it?

It still boogles my mind that our Republican Congress seems determined to pursue the repeal of the Dynasty Tax so soon after the immense divide between the haves and have-nots in America has been so clearly exposed by the waters of Katrina. The Republican Party is displaying a political maladroitness that is a wonder to behold. I can only say one thing in response to such utter callousness:

You go, girls! Democrats in '06 and '08!

Make sure to sign Senator Kerry's petition.


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