Friday, September 23, 2005

Michael: Albuquerque to vote on Clean Elections System

Albuquerque's Clean Elections Campaign city referenda indicates that Arizona's clean elections system is spreading. Like a virus, a good idea is infectious.

Let's hope Clean Elections passes in Albuquerque and spreads to the whole state (which polling indicates is likely) and goes on to infect the whole nation with the mutant descendants of Clean Elections. Universal, fair, grassroots-driven, public financing systems are a necessary precondition for putting American politics back on the road toward serving the real needs of its citizens. Our current system serves the wealthy very well, but ignores the wider public interest. It rewards exploiting wedge issues and inflaming the most radical elements on both sides of the political spectrum (but most harmfully on the reactionary right).

Something's got to give. The rot spread by private money in our public affairs is that something.


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