Thursday, September 01, 2005

Event: Drinking Liberally 9/1

Another week, another installment of Drinking Liberally. We are meeting as usual at BoonDocks Lounge @ 6pm @ First and Ft. Lowell.

Here are a few chuckles for you, courtesy of Bill Maher:

"Hurricane Katrina looked like it was bad in Florida the other day. Law enforcement officials went around telling people to stay in their homes, and black people thought it was election day." --Bill Maher

"President Bush said he wants Iraqis to compromise with each other, the warring parties, on their constitution. He said, look how easy it is, look how many times I've compromised our constitution." --Bill Maher

"Interesting science news this week. Scientists say they now have incontrovertible evidence that the earth's core is an iron ball the size of the moon . Apparently it spins faster than the rest of the planet. President Bush weighed in immediately. He said it's also important that schools teach that it doesn't." --Bill Maher

"Doctors and hospitals have gone back to literally the Middle Ages for a cure they say works better than anything they have in modern medicine for post-operative blood coagulation. They are going back to flesh-eating maggots and blood-sucking leeches. Or as most people know them, HMOs." --Bill Maher

See you through the bottom of a beer mug!


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