Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Michael: Right Wing Kicks Frist Off the Island

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist wasn't invited to speak at 'Justice Sunday II', the evangelical reality show starring special guest host and spokesmodel Savonarola. The show will follow the hilarious antics of the Right Wing as they compete to out purity each other and demonize each contestant in turn until there is only one contestant of perfect purity remaining in the entire party.

Frist appears to be the first one voted off the show, even before it officially begins. Savonarola said when asked about Frist's non-appearance, "Well, we thought we'd start things off with a high-profile booting. Frist's rational approach to funding stem cell research was seen by our contestants as just the sort of reasonable compromise that we can't stomach around here."

Asked about the ultimate goal of the game, Savonarola stated. "I guarantee we'll have just one 'real' conservative left by the end of the season. By the way, would you happen to have any matches on you?"


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