Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Michael: Let Them Eat... Rat Poison?

A federal judge rebuked Bush's EPA for reversing Clinton era rules on rat poison safety without a "'scintilla of evidence' justifying its reversal" of the rules. Bush's EPA decided in 2001 to drop provisions requiring bittering agents and marking dyes to discourage ingestion of rat poison pellets and powder by children, who sometimes mistake the poison for candy.

It's a stunningly shameless and cynical move, even for the Bush Administration, to put the wishes of poison manufacturers above the safety of children. His Administration has raised the amount of mercury our children may be exposed to and cut the funding for lead exposure prevention, so why not make rat poison more palatable? Of course, statistically Latino and African-American children constitute a disproportionate share of the rising numbers of rat poison incidents. So I guess Bush doesn't care because those kids aren't part of his 'base,' so let them eat cake, er, rat poison.


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