Thursday, August 18, 2005

Michael: China-Russia war game a possible American invasion

Joint Chinese-Russia war games are simulating the amphibious invasion of a coastal area and the interdiction of sea traffic in advance of an assualt of urban centers (read, counter-invasion against American intervention in Taiwan...), further cementing those nations' security alliance under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The military manuevers are only the sexiest aspect of the deepening relationship between these traditional rivals. The economic relationships among the five nations of the SCO are also deepening, especially between the two massive achors of the organization, Russia and China. Joint military operations may foreshadow the development of a NATO-like security alliance in Asia that could become an attractive counter-weight to American predominance for traditionally non-aligned countries and those wary of recent American unilateralism.

It is inevitable that the more America throws its considerable military weight around without sanction that other nations will seek security in an alliance with nations that are percieved, rightly, to be immune to American bluster. There is a very good chance that several Asain nations would flock to the shelter of a Russian-Chinese umbrella, if it were offered. Prime among nations likely to seek security and trade within the SCO are Iran, Syria and North Korea, and possibly even Pakistan. I will not be surprised when the press release comes anouncing the membership of one or more of these nations in the SCO, and their participation in more military manuevers simulating an American foe.


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