Sunday, July 10, 2005

Michael: A Chance for Kyl to Put His Values into Practice

Two volunteers from the No More Deaths in the Desert Campaign were recently arrested by Border Patrol agents and charged with transportation of undocumented aliens and obstruction of justice. The aid workers were transporting three immigrants from their desert camp to get medical aid for exposure and severe dehydration, which they could not themselves treat. They were trying to prevent the death or injury of these people by rendering emergency medical assistance, not to assist them in entering the country illegally.

Despite their clear intent, the volunteers were arrested near Arivaca, and will be arraigned on Monday. This is a travesty of justice. A press conference and public meeting will be held at the Southside Presbyterian Chruch on Monday at noon at 317 West 23rd Street.

Here is Senator Kyl's chance to prove that he meant it when he claimed to be concerned about stopping deaths on our borders. The Senator should speak up on behalf of these volunteers who are fighting on the front lines of the crusade to stop the needless suffering along our border. If the Senator's concern about the welfare of undocumented entrants is sincere, he can do nothing less than support these angels of mercy on our borders. Likewise, all other members of the Arizona delegation and throughout Arizona's government should make statements of support for these humanitarian volunteers.


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous JaneAZ said...

This is a chance for *any* pro-life politician to step up to the plate and prove it.


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