Thursday, June 16, 2005

Michael: Support Our Jingos

via 100 monkeys typing:

I just hate those magnetized car ribbons. They have become the mildly coersive substitute for looting the shops of your enemy and burning various symbols on thier lawns. But no lawsuits and no late night rallies, everything properly American.

It's not original to note that the droped pronoun of "Support the Troops" makes it ambiguous whether the slogan is a declarative statement, as in "I Support the Troops" or the imperative verb form, as in " You had better Support the Troops, or I'll report you to Homeland Security." What so often amazes me is the lack of any depth of thought behind these declaration/commands.

Here's a suggestion for a flier you can print out and lodge beneath those beastly things, as suggested (with minor modifications by myself) by a commenter on 100 monkeys:

"I've often seen 'Support the Troops' magnets such as yours and they got me thinking about the war and the troops. I decided we should have an 'Undermine the Troops' magnet for all those who don't yet have a 'Support the Troops' magnet on their vehicle.

Here's how the troops are undermined:

Start a war of choice based on a pack of lies;
send a force that's undermanned and underequipped;
create an instant guerilla force of 400,000 well-trained and well-armed men by disbanding the enemy army without jobs or prospects;
fail to search out and confiscate major stockpiles of highly destructive weapons for that guerilla army to use;
alienate every ally;
provide no exit strategy;
hold elections in which the leadership of the most violent opposition forces refuse to participate;
abrogate the Geneva Convention;
humilate, abuse, and kill the natives' civilian population;
institute stop-loss orders and back-to-back deployments;
shortchange veterans on care, benefits, and pay;
condemn all patriotic dissent;
and above all, shield the civilian leadership from paying any price for their mistakes and crimes.

You may object to these proposals - as do I! - but they do possess one great advantage; they require zero change from present official policy."

Maybe that would shake a few people awake?


At 10:22 PM, Blogger mkir said...

Have you noticed the type of vehicles that display the ribbon magnets? I see mostly SUV's and trucks (gas guzzlers).


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