Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Michael: Schiavo's Autopsy Finds Right Wing are Ghouls

Schiavo's autopsy concludes that her condition wouldn't have improved with treatment or time. The massive amount of tissue loss found by the autopsy puts the lie to the horrible innuendoes that Shiavo was conscious, or communicating, that her husband was trying to kill her off, or that had any hope of recovering any significant mental or physical faculties.

Is short, the autopsy proves the Right Wing are a bunch of power-hungery, privacy invading ghouls. Everyone who gullibly accepted the completely counter-factual propaganda deployed by the Right Wing to hijack Terri's right to a dignified death should hang their heads in shame and beg the forgiveness of those they impugned, smeared, and ostracized in their quest to destroy the rights of families everywhere.

I will concede that most had their genuine faith and convinctions used and twisted by their 'moral' leadership's attempt to cynically use Terri's parents to prolong Terri's suffering and further their irrational and immoral agenda. But, even so, they were all too willing to be decieved; after all, the autopsy simply confirms what every independent doctor who ever examined her and every court that examined the case had said. We can, with perfect condor and the highest integrity, say to those who enlisted in the zombie cult of death which blazed a trail through American politics, "We told you so!"

Terri Schiavo should stand as a beacon, warning us of what can happen if we succumb to faith-based medicine, faith-based jurisprudence, and faith-based public policy that takes one side's faith as the Gospel truth. More charitable people than I will probably suggest that at this jucture we sit down and calmly reconsider the law of medical support and orders. That's a fool's errand. The law is already reasonable and balanced, having been thrashed out through the courts over the past 20+ years. There should be no room at this table for extremists, and the ghoulish leadership of the GOP are the extremists here. Let them wander in the wilderness for another 30 years - and forget the way back.


At 10:28 PM, Blogger mkir said...

How about those who are now trying to say that Terri's husband (Michael)tried to kill her and that her injuries could very well have been caused by someone being smothered with a pillow. They will continue with this for as long as they can, to always keep people guessing so they will never be "wrong".


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