Thursday, June 23, 2005

Michael: AZ Senate Ex-President Steps Forward for Savage Whupping

John Greene, former State Sentate President and Arizona Insurance Commissioner, today announced his intention to accept a savage beating in the GOP primary for Governor. Greene was upbeat in announcing that he was running against the popular Janet Napolitano despite having little chance of getting the nomination. Greene failed in his primary bid for Attorney General in 2002 and evidently figures he might as well fail upward. I don't know if he'll be running Clean, but given his well-known financial ties to the insurance industry, if he doesn't and gets elected, we'll finally have a GOP Governor who is owned by State Farm rather than land developers, mining companies, or car dealers, which will be a refreshing change of pace.

To Greene's credit he is an openly pro-choice Republican in a party increasingly poisoned by religious hypocrisy, giving him little chance of winning the primary nomination of his party, despite being the most credible candidate yet to emerge for the 2006 Gubernatorial race. To throw further fuel on the fire, Greene also opposes a proposed initiative to amend the state constitution to discriminate against gays who wish to marry. Conservatives have long pegged Greene as a RINO, and a supporter of other RINO candidates. However, should Greene make it through the GOP primary, he stands an excellent chance of appealing to moderates and doing the GOP the tremendous disservice of regaining the Governor's office for them. Of course, the evangelicals, homophones, and NeoCons controlling the GOP would never allow that, so Democrats can rest assured that Napolitano is safe come next election.


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Jack Benway said...

Apparnetly the GOP has become the Green Party in Arizona. Previously, the only semi-declared candidate was Keith DeGreen (Phoenix area radio/tv financial analyst) who nearly defeated Dennis Deconcini despite being abandoned by his party. Now, we have John Greene entering the race. Of the two Greenies, neither has name recognition, which makes the differntiation between the two of them that much more difficult to the average uninformed voter.

Little wonder the GOP is trying to court an independent, Surgeon General Carmona, to run as well.

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Probably they are looking for someone who's name has more pop. I have heard rumors that Carmona was being courted to run, but I won't give them any credit until Carmona quits his current job.

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Joel Gaines said...

Carmona has said he will not run. Greene is a non=starter, DeGreen is a nice enough guy, but as you say, there is no name recognition. As a GOP Religious Hypocrit, I would have to say there isn't really a good GOP candidate, to date, to challenge Morticia. Mrs. Quayle was courted for a while, but I think she has been clear that she intends not to run. Something may come up - it better happen fairly soon - but I don't think The Grand Dem will be opposed much. Too bad, really. I was hoping for someone who uses the veto a bit more. We spend too much for a state of 6 million IMHO.


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