Friday, May 27, 2005

Michael: Kudos to Pastor, Calls For Carriles Extradition

Arizona Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor called for the extradition of Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Pastor is one of a dozen Congressmen who transmitted a letter to GWB calling for Carriles' extradition to Venezuela. It is heartening to see that some people's moral compass still works upon entering political office.

A dead civilian amid the wreckage of a airliner isn't politics - it's murder. As a society, we should dedicate ourselves to the principle that the monsters who do such things ought to get justice, not asylum. All posturing over Cuban and Venezuelan politics aside, take a moment to remember how it felt when Lybia was harbouring the bastards who blew up a plane load of people, including some of our citizens, over Lockerbie. Do we really want to be in that moral relationship to the Venezuelan and Cuban people?

To control terrorism, we can't be seen as abetting it, or tolerating its use among the Right's ideological allies. That will cost us what moral authority we have remaining, and further sap our 'soft' power in international affairs.


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