Monday, May 23, 2005

Michael: AZ GOP Goes Back on Budget Deal

Gov. Napolitano negotiated in good faith to reach a budget compromise. She ended up giving more than she wanted, but less than she could tolerate. She kept her word on the budget. She assumed the leaders of the GOP would do the same. She was wrong.

In common parlance, when someone assures you of one thing and then turns around and does something else, that person is a 'liar'. So let's just speak straight and call a spade a spade here: those of the Republican leadership involved in breaking the budget deal are a bunch of damned liars.

They promised Napolitano to negotiate a court mandated bi-lingual education program with legislative Democrats as part of the budget deal. They didn't, and Janet had to veto that portion of the budget in response.

Voters should remember one thing very clearly next year when many of these law-makers come up for re-election: they are liars. They were willing to publicly break their word to the Governor and they can't be trusted. Do you really want people who can't even tell the truth involved in running our state? It's really as simple as that.


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