Thursday, April 28, 2005


April 27, 2005
Karl Rove in Tucson
Friday, 4/29, 11:00 a.m.
Tucson Country Club

Karl Rove is in Tucson to support Jon Kyl at a $500.00 plate fundraiser. Why? Because it fits in with his master plan to undermine Democrats where they are strong -right here in Pima County.

First they sent Swiftboat Veterans, then the President himself and now Karl, the master plotter is here! This will be only the first of many visits of Radical Conservatives to the Old Pueblo. They think that by employing this strategy they will undercut support for Democrats in the upcoming City Elections and therefore in next year's Governor's race. Let's let him know, he is not welcome!

City Council Candidates Steve Farley, Nine Trasoff & Karin Uhlich will be on hand to show their unity and to let Karl know his tactic will not work in Pima County!

What you can do: Gather just outside the entrance of Tucson Country Club Estates. Grant Rd. to Wilmot, N. on Tanque Verde, Left on Camino Principal. Let's be orderly, polite but steadfast. (There are businesses in that area and we do not want to disrupt their day.) Make a sign and bring it with you.

RSVP 326-3716 so that we can have a sense of how many people will be showing up.


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