Friday, March 18, 2005


Today is my day for 'I told ya so's.

Greg Pallast and the BBC scooped the story on the US media of the secret US plans to privatize Iraqi oil, thereby pulling OPEC's teeth, and how they were thwarted.

I conjectured long ago that this was the true purpose of the Iraq war. Of course, the plan always was so implausible that only paranoiacs would find it reasonable. One of the reasons why it is so hard for people to accept what the true motives of Neocon policy-makers actually were is that their view of the world is so incredibly naive and out of date. It is hard to accept that we are being led by people who are not only lethally out of touch with reality, but are darn proud of that fact.

History's judgement on the past two years will be clear and condemning. The Bush Administration dragged us into an unneccessary war with scare-tactics and empty promises in the vain hope of achieving impossible and self-contradictory goals. When oil prices remain above $50 a barrel, Iraq descends into persistent internal conflict, international terrorism against the West explodes, authentic and neglected security threats spiral out of control in the hands of incompetents, and American men and women continue to die with no end in sight, the Neocons' gradiose playbook will be seen for the dangerous book of fairy-tales it always was.


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