Saturday, March 05, 2005

Michael: The Democrats' Wedge Issue with Evangelicals?

The Republicans have suceeded largely by masterfully employing wedge issues to peel off traditionally Democratic constituencies. One reason their wedges have bitten so firmly is that we Democrats would have to abandon core constituencies, or core principles, to counter the wedge. Abortion and anti-discrimination laws are examples of issues on which we have to stand strong, despite the electoral costs.

Polling data and statements of leaders of the Christian Evangelicals indicate that enviromental protection, or Creation Care, may be becoming a wedge issue that could win Evangelical votes to the Democratic Party. Republicans will have a hard time making genuine adjustments to their environmental platform that will not further alienate some of their core constituencies and major donors, especially in the energy and extractive industries, manufacturing and agri-business. Even if Democrats cannot capture these voters, this could become a split within the party that allows moderates in the Republican Party to regain traction with the party's religious base.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the republican partys enviremental policys should by a wedge that the Democrats could use but the thing is, do they have guts to stick together on an issue like this, they fell apart on the bankruptcy issue, so I have vary little hope for any success on this and many other issues.


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