Sunday, March 13, 2005

Michael: Bush to "visit" Tucson

Bush confirmed that he will come to Arizona, most likely Tucson, to promote his plan to dismantle Social Security. The listservs and activist websites are all abuzz with plans to give him a warm welcome, indeed. If Bush allows anyone but hand-picked sychophants anywhere near him, his ears will certainly be burning. More likely, though, people will be stuck protesting at symbolic locations, like GOP HQ, once again.

I suspect that Bush will stick to script and restrict contact with any of us who dare to disagree with him. He'll land at DM in AF1, and heli over to the rally, which will be crawling with security and accessable only to ticket holders vetted by the Republican Party and the Chamber of Commerce, while anyone undesirable will be stuck, out of sight and out of mind, in a 'free-speech zone' a mile away.

God forbid Bush come face-to-face with an actual Democrat. The new Golden Rule of America politics: those who live in glass houses had better have a great security detail - or just outlaw rocks.


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