Friday, March 18, 2005

Michael: 3 Democrats Throw ANWR to the Drillers

The GOP only won the 51-49 vote with the aid of three Democrats. Curses!

Akaka and Inouye of HI and Landrieu of LA demonstrated a distressing truth; that Democrats are proving unable to stick together when it really matters. First the defections on the Bankruptcy bill, then an ungoly number of Democrats roll over for Bush's 82 billion to wage more war, now this...

Why on earth would both Senators from one of the most pro-environment constituencies in the States vote yes on drilling ANWR? The strange answer may be Senatorial logrolling by the GOP leadership on the sovereignty of Hawaiian natives.

It's ironic when you really think about it. The enviromental legacy of Alaskan natives will be destroyed so that the legal rights of Hawaiian natives will be recognized. The modern GOP can truly find a way to divide anyone.

On the plus side 7 Republican Senators showed some courage by voting against this oily boondoogle, one of them being our own John McCain. So there's that; but in the scheme of things, that's not much.


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