Saturday, March 05, 2005

BFAz Site Changes

The feedback I've gotten so far from the Regular Reader Survey is already bearing fruit. If you haven't taken a minute to participate, please do. The survey ends tomorrow.

Based on your useage patterns I have eliminated some of the RSS news feeds (concentrating them on Arizona news), and created a new section I'm provisionally, and prosaically, calling, "Articles You Should Read..." It is a constantly updating list is of articles and information from around the web that I have myself read and found enlightening or interesting. This new feature is positioned just below the "Recent Posts".

In the past, I would have been torn as to whether to blog such articles. Whether I would have brought them to your attention would depend on how much comment I wished to make about them. If I didn't have much to add, they would not get blogged. Now, I am using to bookmark interesting readings, which are then posted via RSS to the sidebar. I hope you find some of the links informative... and that it will stop me making inane little blog entries like this one.

I've also eliminated Bablefish translation - as nobody seemed to be using it anyhow. I have stubbornly retained the donation links, both for costs, and for the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Sooner or later, guilt or a lottery win will lead you to make a little donation :)


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Joe Thomas said...

Hi. Is this site pro-democrat? I'm a little confused. Thanks.


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