Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ATTENTION AZ DISTRICT 3 VOTERS: Senator Ron Gould thinks most of you are “baby-killing left-wingers”

Senator Ron Gould showed his true, and hateful colors recently when interviewed about his possible misuse of taxpayer funding in his campaign for office. He blurted at the interviewer churlishly, "If I were a baby-killing left-winger, this wouldn't be happening to me."

Poor persecuted Ron. I can understand that he’s feeling the heat of possible criminal investigation of his campaign finances, but fortunately the heat of the moment has given us a window into the soul of this lawmaker. And what lies within is hatred and contempt for most of his constituents’ ethical beliefs.

Senator Gould’s District 3 is a heavily Republican district, with a large majority of registered Republicans. However that total is almost matched by the number of registered Democrats and Independents combined. But the truly relevant metric of who in Senator Gould’s district Senator Gould hates is measured by the population’s support for reproductive rights.

A recent Pew poll found that 85% of Americans support abortion rights when the woman’s life is endangered. A bunch of baby-killers in Ron’s estimation. 77% support abortion with the woman’s health is endangered. Goddamned Left-wing baby-killers according to Senator Gould. 76% support abortion when the pregnancy is the product of rape or incest. Immoral baby-killing radicals in Senator Gould’s eyes. 55% of Americans support abortion when there is medical evidence that the fetus’ physical or mental health is impaired. I can only imagine the contempt and invective that Senator Gould would hurl at these folks.

Yes, Ron Gould has contempt, and all-too apparent hatred for many, if not most, of his constituents. He can’t even keep his hate-speech in check during an interview with the press on an unrelated topic. I can’t imagine how filled with hatred and bigotry this man is in private. Well, we actually have a hint of that, in fact. On July 4th he flies the flag of the Confederacy at his home. Ron Gould freely chooses to fly the flag of the slave states on our nation’s birthday. What does that tell you about this man’s bigotry and his hatred of the freedoms America stands for?

If Ron Gould had a vote on the matter, he would no doubt favor installing Federal Judges intent on using judicial activism to overturn Roe vs. Wade. But his constituents wouldn’t. Only 3 in 10 Americans want Roe overturned; more than 6 in 10 want it upheld. The simple fact is that Ron Gould’s hatred and contempt for the views of the majority of Americans, and for the majority of his own constituents, let alone his evident hypocrisy in exploiting Clean Elections to get elected, possibly cheating the system, and then advocating dismantling the Clean Elections system (I suppose to pull the 'ladder' to power up behind himself), make him unfit for the office of Arizona Senator. He is a disgrace to the tolerance and compromise that makes a democracy work. In Ron Gould’s world view, if you don’t agree with him, you are evil and beneath his contempt.

The voters of District 1 are going to be asked for the first time in 2006 if they wish to retain Senator Ron Gould as their representative. Voters of District 1 should only answer that question in the affirmative if they too think that everyone who supports reproductive rights for women, under any circumstances, is a radical “baby-killing Left-winger.” And that someone who spits in the face of our democracy on its birthday deserves to represent anyone at all.


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