Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Slamming Dean the in Letters Page

This letter ran today in the Star:

Dean is a disgrace

Howard Dean ran in 17 Democratic state primaries and lost in every one. He misspent over $40 million of his campaign funds. He became the laughingstock of the country after his famous 'I had a scream speech.'

And now, to fulfill the Democratic Party's death wish, Dean is about to become its national committee chairman. Ain't politics grand?

Raymond R. Kisch


Please, let's see some push back on this. We can't let this crank go unaswered. Even if the Star doesn't publish all the positives, we'll let them know where public opinion really lies. Let's tell people why Dean is the man for the job and what his candidacy and advocacy has meant to you personally. Gentle Readers, start your text editors...


At 11:14 PM, Blogger stephensedona said...

My letter to AZ Sun

To the Editor

Democrats are strong and getting stronger. Most encouraging is the little-noticed election of Howard Dean to head the Democratic National Committee -- something that seemed a long shot three months ago. Governor Dean brings highly successful executive experience and willingness to innovate. He has been through the good and bad of an actual presidential campaign; the triumphs and the nasty falls from media grace. I doubt he'll take either one quite so seriously again.

One can understand why the mainstream media never cared for him. It wasn't just Fox -- the New York Times and the Washington Post bought and sold the calculated Bush stampede to war. Established politicians may have thought what Dean was saying, but they had reason to fear McCarthy-like accusations of disloyalty for questioning the rationale for war. I don't think most Democrats bought the anti-Dean media hype, but they did decide that Kerry had more national experience and better chance at defeating an incumbent President.

Dean is direct and plain-spoken. Give him an inch and he'll tell the truth straightforwardly even if it gets him into dicey situations. I hope to see him make an occasional misstep because then I know he pushing the envelope to do his job right, that he is not staying in some safe but ineffective place where you never make a mistake.

Dean was right the first time – the future of the Democratic Party is the hundreds and thousands of new volunteers and small donors that responded to his call. The Party is a-changing.

Stephen Williamson


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