Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Peter Newton: Frame Shop: Pro-Life

Peter Wrote:

I was watching the last regional DNC Chair race caucus, and Tim Roemer said something that made me think.

Reomer was talking about being Pro-Life, and I thought, what about the living? What if we reframe the Pro Life label into being all about quality living? Good public schools, living wages, quality and affordable health care, clean air, water, land, death with dignity, treatment not punishment, etc.

All of our progressive values are about how to create a good quality of life, from cradle to coffin. Reframing the label Pro-Life this way, we can take away the label from the Anti-Abortion advocates. Eventually people will find their misuse of it laughable.

They are only interested only in forcing birth, not about celebrating and improving life. They don't care about pre-natal care, education, living wage jobs for the parents, health care, or anything about the child; just that it is born and that it lead a faith-based life.


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