Thursday, February 17, 2005

GOP operative accused of theft

The Chairman of the first ever Young Republicans National Convention is being investigated for theft by the Reno, Nevada police. Nathan Taylor stands accused of misappropriating nearly $25,000 intended to fund the event to such uses as his bar tabs, payments on a personal loan, payments to the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, and unexplained cash withdrawls. Mr. Taylor claims the charges are baseless and the product of the "politics of personal destruction."

This doesn't come as much surprise to me, frankly. When the national party and its leaders create a culture of lies, misuse of office, unaccountable governance, rampant corruption, and fiscal irresponsibility, it should come as no shock that the young generation learns from their seniors' example.

After all, the President swindled his way into office, abused ethical rules and bent the law in amassing his fortune, and sleazed and lied and shredded his way out of military service to his nation while his betters were doing their duty. Young Mr. Taylor is obviously a quick study of how to make it in today's GOP and is a bright up-and-comer in the Republican party. I'm only surprised that Taylor didn't claim his detractors are in league with Satan and terrorist sympathizers; then he would be fully in line with the zeitgeist of Republican rule. But given Bush's track record of nominating war criminals, torture appologists, and plain incompetents to high positions in the government, I'd say the future is bright indeed for young Mr. Taylor; he should be expecting a call from Mr. Rove any day now.


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