Thursday, February 03, 2005

Arizona's DNC Members For Dean

All the pledges, and conference calls, and nose counting indicates that Arizona's DNC delegation are now all committed to Dean for Chairman. With several other state delegations who have pledged to Dean, the support of many former rivals, including Ickes, as well as the Association of State Committee Chairs endorsement, the bandwagon really appears to be on the downhill side for Dean.

Of course, we all feel just teensy bit uneasy that we don't 'jinx' anything by claiming victory is assured. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say. But I feel pretty confident in predicting that Dean will be the next Chairman of the DNC.

Democrats - get ready to kick some GOP butt, and forget about takin' names! On the windup, think about joining Democracy For America. We're taking America back!

UPDATE: Catching up on my reading, I think the leading indicators of Dean's strength at this point is former Texas Representative Martin Frost's departure from the race and endorsement, and the fact that union support has started pouring in for Dean. Dean himself was recently concerned that lack of union support could deny him victory.


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