Sunday, February 13, 2005

Andy: Solidarity for Social Security

These local Democratic groups have all passed resolutions opposing any plan to phase-out Social Security. They have resolved not to fund any Democratic candidate who entertains any notion of compromising with the Administration on Social Security.

  • Groton Democrats

    Groton, Mass.

  • Democratic Club

    Johnson County, Mo.

  • Downtown Democrats

    Birmingham, Ala.

  • Democratic Party

    San Fernando Valley, Cal.

  • Democratic Club

    Cental Orange County, Cal.

  • Democratic Party

    L.A. County, Cal.

  • Democratic Central Committee

    Sumner County, Ks.

  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party


  • Democratic Party

    Washoe County, Nev.

  • Sacramento For Democracy

    Sacramento, Cal.

  • Democrats

    El Paso County, Colorado

This is grassroots action that clarifies what it is that Democrats and progressives stand for. We won't support anyone who messes with Social Security.


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Tiny Montgomery said...

Awesome. Be strong and disciplined. A model for our national representatives.


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