Friday, January 14, 2005

Teleconference With Dean: Supporting Dean for DNC Chairman

I sat in on a teleconference with Dean last night. He wants us all to know that we should let the chairmen of our own state parties who we want to be Chairman of the DNC. If you haven't already expressed your opinion in other ways, tell Jim Pederson who you want to be DNC Chairman. It only takes a minute, and every bit of imput is being carefully weighed by our DNC voters. Be upbeat, polite, and tell your own story. The stories of how Dean has affected you and your invovlement with the Democratic party are the most effective in moving decisionmakers.

Dean also says that the opinion of labor leaders are critical now and will be decisive. If you personally know people in the labor movement, especially in leadership, but also in the rank and file, now is the time to reach out to them. Not with spam and rhetoric, but personally, with phone calls, face-to-face, and handwritten notes.

Letters to the editor supporting Dean for Chairman, and telling how his campaign has affected you, may also be helpful according to Dean. Keep in under 200 words, or less, and be positive.


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