Saturday, January 08, 2005

Senator 'Strangelove' Kyl

Great work by Tim Vanderpool at the Weekly at revealing the Emperor's lack of duds. Kyl is one of the creepiest of creeps, who regularly drags our language into the closet and abuses it in Owellian ways. He's slick, he's legally trained, and I'm pretty well convinced his suits are bespoke. We have a chance to defeat him in 2006 if we can find a candidate who is august, inspiring, compassionate, down-to-earth, and likable. Or someone with wooden stake. Kyl the ideologue, as the Policy Chair of the Senate GOP Caucus, sits at the center of the GOP's counsels of power. After re-electing Janet, taking Kyl down should be our #2 goal in 2006.

I love Stuart Starkey, but we can no longer afford token opposition to our GOP senators. We must recruit candidates who have a credible chance of doing more than showing the flag. Whomever that person is, we need to find him or her soon, and start campaigning to rid Arizona of Kyl right now. 98% retension rates in Congress indicate that Kyl has a near insurmountable position unless he rapes a javelina live on television or intentionally runs over a few infants on his driveway. The only way we are going to pry him out of office is an unprecedented grassroots mobilization to ferret out and publicize every rotten thing he's done to this state and this country while in office, collect ungodly amounts of money for his challenger (about 6 - 8 million should do it), and register everyone who has even seen a picture of a donkey as Democrats.

Or we could find a moderate Republican to defeat him or weaken him in the primaries. Probably, we should do both. One thing's for certain, the kind of timid, uninspiring consensus candidates which the Party has been offering aren't doing the job. We had one of the best opportunities in the nation to defeat a sitting Congressman in CD 1 last year, and Babbit wasn't nearly up the job. Not that Babbit isn't a good public public servant and much better man than Dick Renzi, he is; but he didn't even come close to besting Virginia Dick. Our candidate is going to have to come from the grassroots, someone known, but not a professional politician. Someone media savvy, but not overexposed. Someone with impeccable ethical, intellectual, and community credentials.

No, I don't already have anyone in mind. If you do have an idea, leave a comment about who you would like to see run against Kyl. Remember, residency requirements for Senators are very lax, anyone in the nation could easily qualify to run against Kyl so you needn't limit the choices to current Arizona residents.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Tiny Montgomery said...

I hear Alan Keyes is available.

Just kidding.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Actually, you make a good point, Tiny. There is a danger that someone recruited from out of state will be perceived as a carpetbagger; especially if, like Keyes, he or she has denounced moving to a state to run for an office at some time in the past. We'll certainly have to vet a candidate more thoroughly than the GOP is doing recently.

The ideal cadidate would be one who has some organic connection to Arizona making it natural for them to run for Senate here. An example would be Rep. Mark Udall of Colorado. He was born anf raised in Tucson, and his family has deep roots here, so a move back to Arizona to take on Kyl wouldn't seem wholly opportunistic, but could be spun as a crusade.


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