Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Polling the Messianic Militarist Revolution

Zogby International has new polling figures out showing that 31% of Americans now say they are 'ashamed that Bush is President', up from 26% a month ago. What happens a year or two from now when that figure goes above 50%?

Bush's job approval is still stuck below 50% and shows a strong regional bias. 59% of voters in the South approve, while Eastern states voters stand at 38%.

In international affairs, 76% of Americans oppose any policy of regime change in Iran. Though it must be said, before the Bush Administration rolled out it scare tactics regarding Iraq, nearly an equivalent percentage opposed military action there. 52% of respondants believe the costs of the Iraq war have not been justified and 55% haven't confidence in America's ability to bring democracy to Iraq, however almost 60% say that the January 30th elections are the best hope for a democratic Iraq.

With even the White House tactitly admitting that the elections will not stop the insurgency, I think we'll see a big collapse in these numbers when people's hopes are most assuredly dashed in the wake of the elections. Bush only gets one bite at this apple, and he's about to choke on it.


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