Friday, January 21, 2005

Counter-Inaugual Address Provided by Amnesty International

If you were as disgusted as I by Bush's constant abuse of the words 'freedom,' 'democracy,' and 'liberty' in his inaugural inanity, then Amnesty International's letter to Bush on the occassion of his second inauguration will give specific shape to your outrage. The complete hypocrisy of that farce at the capital was apparent to the whole world, though not, apparently, to our own media, who are too chickenshit to call a criminal a criminal, and covered the events of the past few days as if they were some sort of royal coronation. In fact the media's references to 'dynasty,' 'regal,' and 'closest thing to American royalty' were so thick and fast, I nearly choked on my own Jacobin bile. I am so not looking forward to the fawning the press will sink to if JEB runs in 2008.

Others are attending counter-inaugural parties and festivals, but I can't bring myself to do it. I can't celibrate. I can't spit in the wind. I'm too disgusted for my own country. It feels to much like joining hands around the burned-out hulk of the Reichstag and singing Kum-bi-ya. Bucking up in the face adversity is fine, but I won't whistle while the barbarians shit on the Constitution and rape lady liberty in the streets. Don't get me wrong; I don't judge those who feel that they should show the flag to demonstrate we're not beaten, I would just prefer to brood and entertain dark revenge fantasies that I cannot write here without a visit from the Secret Service.


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