Wednesday, January 26, 2005

BrownShirts to the Rescue of the President's Honor in Colorado

Rocky A Denver police officer threatened to arrest a woman for a bumpersticker on her truck that read "Fuck Bush". A miffed citizen first approached the young lady and argued with her about he sticker, then went into the parking lot, and flagged down a cop who actually supported his contention that it was profane and illegal.

The particual issue was settle a generation ago in Cohen v. California. A young man wearing a jacket that read "Fuck the Draft" entered a court building and bruised the sensibilities of the local fussbudgets. Justice Harlan put to rest the notion that the state can outlaw profanity just on the pre-text that someone might be offended with his famous phrase, "One man's profanity is another man's lyric."

So it seems that citizens and peace officers alike are taking into their own hands the power to decide what you or I can belive and say about Mr. Bush, despite established First Amendment law. I feel a strong desire to not only put a sticker on my truck reading "Fuck Bush" but one in addition that reads "Cohen v. CA, 403 U.S. 15".

Update: I thought this such a good idea, I made a bumper sticker for myself that includes both the fuckery and the lawyery. If you would like one, too, you can buy it here.


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