Friday, December 10, 2004

Traitor West

Carol West demonstrates what is wrong with the Democratic party. Her recent decisive vote to make Republican Kathleen Dunbar Tucson's Vice-Mayor, in preference to fellow Democrat Steve Leal, was unanimously condemned by the Pima County Executive Committee of the Democratic party. The Committee requests West reconsider her vote.

The excuse given by West for her treachery is that she felt the Mayor 'deserved' a Vice-Mayor who would genuinely support his wretchedly wrong-headed policies. Oh, really? And what do the Democratic voters who gave you their votes deserve, Carol? I'll tell you. They deserve a Counselperson who will put loyalty to their party, and to the voters who put you in office, and to your fellow Democratic Concilmembers, above giving the damn Mayor what he 'deserves'.

Contact City Councilwoman West and tell her what you deserve:

The Honorable Carol West

Tucson City Councilwoman, Ward 2

7575 E. Speedway

Tucson, AZ 85710


And if she doesn't fix the mess she's made, perhaps it is time for one or more Democrats who understand loyalty to step up and save Ms. West the trouble of giving Republicans everything they deserve in the future. We deserve better than what West has given us.


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