Sunday, December 19, 2004

Site Update

You might note several changes on this site. I have recently completed (hopefully... ) an update that had been hanging over my head since the General Election.

Besides some trivial cosmetic changes, including color pallete tweaking and a layout revision, the most notable change is the new mascot at the top of the sidebar. Clicking on him will take you to a new shop with merchandise based on the theme of membership in Arizona's reality-based community. Please take a look, the design is fun to wear, and purchases help the blog by providing money and meme propagation.

The second major change is a raft of new RSS feeds. I changed the method by which I acquire feeds and have provided key feeds that I use myself. There are now local Arizona news sources, national political, international and business feeds from major media such as NYT, Washington Post and WSJ, and key independent media/internet resources. If you have a favorite feed you would like to see here, just drop me a line.

Finally, though certainly not least, you probably noticed that Reverend Gerry Straatemeier has signed up as a guest poster and will be posting to the site. My best guest posters have always been frequent readers, so if you feel like you would like to have a say on BlogForArizona, please write and let me know.


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