Sunday, December 19, 2004

Overhauling of Clean Elections Proceeding

Legislative overhaul of the Clean Elections system in the works by legislators. Thanksfully it takes 3/4 of the legislature to amend a citizen's initiative, or the Republican majority would be savaging our model legislation. The Clean Elections system is supported by more progressive Republicans such as Senator McCain, but there is a contingent of the party, centered around failed Gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon and the Goldwater Institute, who want badly to destroy or cripple the system. It is these folks who sponsored the failed and inept "No Taxpayer Money for Politicians" initiative this last cycle. Don't count on them being so incompetent as to get their designs tossed on a constitutional technicality next time. They are attacking the system at every turn during the legislative tune-up of the system, though luckily the need for bi-partisan support prevents the worst of their designs. Contact your district's elected officials in both the legislature and the party and tell them that you like Clean Elections and what sort of responsible reforms you support. It's our law; don't let the legislature deface it.


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