Sunday, December 19, 2004

An Eskimo Sued My SUV...

You probably haven't realized it, but your way of life is being sued. Americans' profligate energy use, leading to vast CO2 emissions, unchecked by the Kyoto Protocol, are being challenged as an abuse of the basic human rights of the Inuit and other circum-polar peoples, whose cultures are in danger of being wiped out by global warming. Sothey are suing us in the hope that we can be made to stop.

I certainly have my doubts that this Administration will in any way be detered by and international coalition of tribal peoples and a toothless international tribunal, but I wish them well. Surely any finding in their favor would be a loud and principled statement against negligent human modification of the global enviroment, focusing needed media attention on the problem of climate change.

Um - You don't think that this could mean that I would have to give up MY Ford F150 pickup truck, do you? And my laptop, surely I could still use my laptop? And air-conditioning in the summer... I can't give up air-conditioning in the Arizona summer! Who do these walrus-eatin' wogs think they are anyway? You'd think they'd give us a prize for warming it up a bit up there. Sheesh. Damn foreigners. They want to wreck our way of life! They hate our freedom! Terrorist Eskimos! The Navy Seals had better start training in Arctic conditions... I forsee the need for some regime change comin'!


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn more about what these folks are facing here:

and read the report about what is happening to the arctic.


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