Saturday, October 16, 2004

VoterGate Update

Nathan Sproul, whose company is accused of voter fraud in two states so far, has close ties to BC'04's PR flacks in Arizona, Gordon C. James Public Relations. Their staffs crossedover and comingled on the ill-fated "No Tax Payer Money for Politicians" initiative and the effort to put Nader on the ballot in Arizona. The ties between the two firms are likely only begining to be unearthed - they also happen to be officed right next door to each other in Phoenix. The ties between Sproul and BC'04 are so far deniably tenuous, but Sproul did receive 625K from the RNC this year to fund his nefarious activities. No doubt the smoking guns will only emerge after the criminal investigation roadshow Sproul's minions have touched off rolls into Arizona. That is, unless the shredders and degaussers are already running full time.

This should be front page news, but for some reason the investigations are not getting the media focus they deserve, even here in Arizona. It certainly puts to rest the myth of the So-Called Liberal Media; were these scandals to involve Democratic operatives with close ties to KE'04 and the DNC, there would be an echo chamber for this story in the SCLM already. At least one stalwart has written to the Star's editorial staff about their coverage of this issue as they printed a letter today about their coverage, so they are aware they are not paying enough attention. Keep up the pressure, these stories deserve to be covered closely in all Arizona and national newspapers, but only your complaints will create action.


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