Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This Cycle's FL Voter Purge

Via DailyKos: Breaking news from several swing states indicate that Nathan Sproul, the former Executive Director of the AZ GOP and the AZ Christian Coalition, and current principal of Sproul & Associates, a leading Republican political consultancy, is at the heart of a nation-wide initiative, funded by the RNC, to do non-partisan voter registration under the name of Voters Outreach of America and America Votes. They also helped Ralph Nader collect petition signatures to get on the ballot in Arizona, and possibly other state's ballots.

Laudible on its face, the operation has recently been charged by whistleblowing employees of destroying Democratic registration forms intentionally and selectively. In several swings states, potentially thousands of Democratic voters stand in danger of being disenfranchised by these potentially criminal acts. Luckily, Minnesota and Wisconsin have Election Day Registration (EDR) and those intent on voting are unlikely to be disenfranchised, but in other states where Sproul's minions were active, such as Oregon, Nevada, West VA and Pennsylvania, and even Arizona, Democratic voters may be denied their right to vote by Sproul's organization.

We still don't know the extent of the damage. We do know that employees have made charges and produced evidence that registration forms were intentionally destroyed in Nevada, and there is evidence in Minnesota of large scale misprisonment of Democratic registration forms, but this story is still emerging and allegations abound in several swing states. Much more will be known as the press sinks its teeth into the story, more whistleblowers come forward, and the authorities begin to investigate the charges and hand out indictments.


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