Thursday, October 07, 2004

Terrorists for Bush

Imad Khadduri, Iraqi nulcear scientist and former head of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission for thirty years, claims that he translated the whole message from bin Laden transmitted following the attack on Spain of 3/11. The second half of that message was not reported in the West, according to Khadduri, despite being distributed widely to Western media outlets. In the message, bin Laden ordered that Al Qaeda operatives not carry out any attacks on the United States before the November elections. Apparently, bin Laden hopes that Bush will be re-elected and thereby run the American Empire aground with his incompetence, thus speeding the goal of Al Qaeda of freeing the Islamic world from the domination of the West that much faster.

I have to admit that I have sometimes been guilty of the same sorts of thoughts myself. I have contemplated how much worse for the GOP it would be for Bush to be re-elected. The backlash against the policies of this Administration would then fall squarely on the correct parties. There is a strong case to be made that Democrats would make stronger and faster gains in Congress with Bush governing for a second term. American's dislike for unified government, confirmed by the past two years, would mitigate against giving Congress back to the Democrats with Kerry in office. Overturning Congress would be the only way to slow the Bush agenda and return to divided government, motivating many to work and donate to Democratic Congressional candidates in the by-elections of 2006. Also, many of the scandals now held in abeyance by sheer political will until after the election would come home to roost, thoroughly discrediting the Administration even to many of its current supporters. Lame duck would be an inadequate description of how wounded Bush would be in a second term.

The problem with re-electing Bush from my viewpoint is that Bush can do a lot of damage to our nation in the meantime. Most specifically, he would able to appoint as many as 3 Supreme Court justices; that's simply unacceptable. For Ossama bin Laden, the factor he fails to consider is that Bush has access to the world's largest stockpile of WMD. Bush could, and possibly would, use WMD against the people of the Middle East if pressed. The power to vaporize and poison the Ulema in the hands of moral coward with terrible judgement, unfettered by the need to pander to any constituency for re-election, should give him pause. Not that I want his endorsement for my favored candidate, but from a purely logical viewpoint, bin Laden has miscalculated in choosing to back Bush's re-election by granting Americans temporary freedom from attack. Bush may do far more damage to the Muslim world given a second term than he could ever do to the American Empire.


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